Swipe Your Lippies Like A Pro: How to Tattoo the Right Way

Have you ever had one of those unglamorous moments of finding lip stains on your teeth, glass, or worse -- smudges around the corners of your lips? And no one even cared to tell you about it. Avoid moments like that by knowing the right way to apply your favorite lippies!

Tattoo Tint lip collections are vibrant, long-lasting, and transfer-free! With tints that stay, you’ll never worry about embarrassing lipstick mishaps ever again.

Boasting 41 shades for every skin tone, the Tattoo Velvet Tints collection is the perfect lippie for the round-the-clock gal. These tints stay matte and on-point up to 24 hours without the heavy feeling. You won’t even feel you’re wearing one because of its super lightweight formula!

Whether you’re into matte, glossy, or plumping tints that dazzle the crowd, knowing the right way to apply these tints is a skill you wouldn’t want to miss.

Get the best results from your fab Tattoo Lip Tints in quick, easy steps!

  1. Do the Ritual: Exfoliate and Moisturize

    Give your lips a little TLC before anything else.

    One of the reasons why even long-wearing lipsticks don’t stay that long is because of chapped or dry lips. Flakiness is the mortal enemy here. Liquid lipsticks have trouble staying on fleek if the surface is rough and uneven.

    The first step to applying your lippie the right way is to exfoliate. Lightly dab your lips with a mild scrub or a soft washcloth to smoothen the surface. Then, pamper them with a gentle moisturizer.

  2. Prep Your Canvas: Trace Your Lip Line

    Makeup is a form of art. Like any other artist, you need to prep your canvas and make sure you’re not drawing outside of it. So, to ensure your art stays where it needs to be, trace your lips with a lip liner or your liquid lipstick applicator.

    Focus and precision are key here. Use the tip of your Tattoo Lipstick applicator to outline the edges of your lips. Start from your cupid’s bow and slowly move the applicator towards the corner of your mouth. Do the same with your bottom lip; start from the center and gradually swipe with precision towards the corner.

  3. The Real Deal: Apply Your Tattoo Lipstick

    Now, the real game begins.

    With your lipstick doe foot wand, start applying color from the center of your lips. Be sure to put a considerable amount of tint on your top and bottom lip enough to distribute the liquid lipstick evenly.

    If you’re feeling a bit quirky at the moment, go and make little popping sounds while blending the color on your lips.

    We recommend using the slanted angle of your wand to better contour your lips and lessen smudges. Continue applying until you’re satisfied with the color build. While you can also try and use a different shade to create a tint unique to yours, you can still go for the Glossy Tints collection and choose from its 15 lustrous colors that match different skin tones.

    Once you’re happy with the color build-up, clean up smudges or any lip stains on your face with a cotton bud slightly damped with your trusted makeup remover.

  4. Dry It Out: Blot Off Excess

    Next is a slight test of patience. Wait for the liquid lipstick to dry after application. Don’t be shy to fan it with your hands (we’re all doing the same!). Get a clean tissue and gently blot off excess lipstick. The goal is to not leave any kiss marks on the tissue. You know you’ve succeeded in applying your long-wearing lip tint once the tissue comes off clean after softly dabbing it on your lips.

Bring Out the Confident You With a Tint That Empowers

Confidently sashay your way to any event with Tattoo Tints. Choose the shade that matches your mood, skin tone, or outfit of the day. These tints are made to witness your breakfast until dinner -- a 12-hour color boost for the luscious lips!


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