Our Story

Beginning in Seoul, South Korea, Forencos is a constantly evolving beauty brand that provides organic, environmentally-friendly, and skincare. 

A blend of vintage and modernity embodies the products we create.

Contemporary Meets Timeless Beauty

For more than 32 years, we built confidence in women around the globe through contemporary, innovative and classic cosmetics that empower both inward and external beauty.

From South Korea to the World

Our success in South Korea drove us to acquainting the brand with the global market.

Makeup devotees will discover us on 4 continents in 12 countries—from Seoul to Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada, Australia and the USA.

But we’re not stopping there.

Forencos believes that all women can be bold, beautiful and daring. With that in mind, we will continue to center around beauty innovation to ensure every woman in the world exhibits the confidence and sophistication Forencos embodies.

Here’s to a more confident you.