New Normal Makeup Essentials You Need in Your Beauty Bag

The New Normal is here to stay whether we like it or not. We’ve seen makeup pouches upgraded to care kits with alcohol sprays and sanitary wipes in them. And although the world is slowly moving towards herd immunity, masks are still worn by the majority.

Now, the question is: will you let face masks crush your inner makeup artist? Just because they’re covering half your face, doesn’t mean you have to choose between being safe and showing up confidently pretty. With the right new normal makeup essentials, you can still slay looks anywhere you go!

Scroll through this list of beauty must-haves for the new normal!

Liners, Brow Pens, Mascara

Let your eyes do the talking! Since half of your face is covered by a face mask when you go out, it’s time to put the focus on your eyes.

Accentuate your blinders with the eye makeup holy trinity: eyeliner, eyebrow pen, and mascara. Pick your weapon among these three and work on creating a striking stare that immediately captures the attention.

Go for bolder and well-defined eyes in a minute with an eyeliner that dries into a soft matte finish. Our Tattoo All Proof Eyeliner boasts natural

shades in burgundy, black, and brown. It’s equipped with a 0.1 mm microfiber brush tip for effortless application! Then, do a quick brush on your lashes with the Tattoo All Proof Mascara.

Of course, don’t leave the brows untouched. Eyebrow pens are an everyday essential, especially in your new normal makeup look. Make sure to choose the shade that matches your hair and skin tone -- we don’t want any awkward-looking brows, don’t we?

With the Eyebrow Tattoo Precision Pen, you’ll get to create eyebrows that look like your natural hair! It’s designed with a micro-fork tip for easier drawing. And the best part? Not only is it waterproof and smudge-proof, but it can also last up to 10 days!

Transfer Proof Lipsticks

The latest crowd favorite for new normal makeup essentials is lipsticks that stay like a tattoo. Be pout-ready anytime you take off your masks with transfer-proof lip tints with our Tattoo Tints. These lippies have a strong staying power of up to 24 hours, and are made with hydrating ingredients that keep your lips moisturized all day -- it’s like you’re wearing a lip balm and lipstick in one!

Whether you go for our Velvet, Glass, Plumping, or Mattoo collection, you’ll surely find the right shade to match your skin tone. And since these tints stay on point for hours on end, you won’t need to worry about fading or reapplying. You can just keep one tattoo lipstick in your bag, and you’re good to go!

Hygiene Needs

Last but not the least, pepper your new normal makeup kit with hygiene necessities such as wet wipes and alcohol spray or sanitizers. Before and during COVID-19, it’s already a no-no to touch your face with your bare hands. Be sure to apply an ample amount of sanitizer first before touching your skin to avoid irritation.

It’s also good to add a spray mist in your beauty bag that you can easily fish out when you’re in a cold environment to shy away from dryness.

Stay Beautiful Underneath the Mask

Trying times call for high-performing makeup. The new normal has urged everyone to adjust, including every beauty enthusiast out there, to update their makeup stash. Gone are the days where your kit includes tons of beauty products. Today, the focus is on makeup that performs all day and covers multiple uses. Like a cream that works better than foundation, or a lip tint that works as a moisturizer, too. And since the eyes are the visible part of your face mostly, makeup for the eyes is becoming the new normal makeup necessity.

Keep these beauty must-haves in your bag for an everyday slay-ready look during the new normal and on the days to come!

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