Why Matte Is A Perfect Lipstick Choice

Thinking to shop for new lippies? Here are the reasons why you should hoard MATTE lipsticks.

Long-lasting! It sticks to your lips than glossy inspired lippies. Applying once or twice a day is enough for a full day coverage. No need for quick bathroom trips! Plus, if you choose wisely, a good matte lipstick will last you hours without a smudge, caking or cracking.

Why not go for a Natural-look? With less oil content to make it more pure and natural, matte lipstick can you give you the perfect OOTD with the slightest effort. Choosing the right shade of lipstick to your skin tone is one way to pull-up a flawless and drop-dead gorgeous look whatever the occasion is.  

Smooth and Smudge-free! As always, matte lipstick offers an opaque, full-on color that can't be overlooked. From warm undertones to hot and bold bright lip color, matte lipstick brings a day time and night classic look to your advantage.

Wear it during HOT seasons! You can go as bold as you want with your color choices and still feel comfortable wearing it. Glossy ones tend to melt and fade during the hot weather. On the other hand, matte lipstick will stay on your lips despite the perspiration. That's definitely a plus!

Due to its popularity, Matte Lipstick Is Here To Stay! More people tend to buy matte lipsticks, from hot pinks, pretty nude shades to warm burgundies, applying matte lippies never seems to go out of style.

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