Natural Ingredients You Need to See in Your Makeup Stash

The beauty industry has learned to evolve with time and with the ever-changing lifestyle of consumers. Today, makeup isn’t just meant to keep one’s face pretty, but to make you feel beautiful, too. Tattoo Tint by Forencos vows to create makeup that lasts like a tattoo. Partnered with this promise is the commitment to infuse natural makeup ingredients that will help maintain your skin’s natural glow.

When choosing your beauty must-haves, it’s important to trust a brand that takes care of you from the inside out. Make it a habit to check the labels and ingredients at the back of the beauty products before applying them to your skin. Just a small gesture towards properly loving yourself a little more.

In this post, we listed some natural ingredients you should look for in your makeup. Having these ingredients infused in your makeup will help you achieve a better you.

Avocado Oil

We often see this fruit in toasts, smoothies, and desserts, but did you know that oils extracted from avocados are good for your skin, too? They’re proven to be delicious fruits. And now, they are also applauded as one of the key natural makeup ingredients beneficial for your skin.

Keep your eyes open for avocado oils in your makeup items. This pear-shaped green goodness is high in lutein, a natural antioxidant that protects your skin from sun damage.

It contains fatty acids and vitamins A, E, and D that help reduce skin stress oxidation and speed up the healing process. Dry skin especially on the lips will greatly improve when you use beauty products infused with avocado oils. Tattoo Clair Velvet Tints dries off to a matte finish but since they’re infused with avocado oils, your lips will feel soft and moisturized all day. Lipsticks made with avocado oils will penetrate your skin deeper, providing the needed moisture and nourishment for all-day plumper lips.

Shea Butter

Extracted from the nuts of the shea tree, shea butter is another cosmetic ingredient favorite! It is rich in fatty acids and vitamins. Makeup infused with this natural ingredient provides benefits for the skin. It smoothes, soothes, and conditions your skin.

Its high acid content consists of stearic, oleic, palmitic, and linoleic acids that are good for locking in moisture and preventing dryness. Items such as lip balms, gloss, or lipsticks that have shea butter in their roster of natural makeup ingredients are good for maintaining soft and hydrated lips.

As for the skin makeup, shea butter is a natural antioxidant like avocado oils. Applying cosmetics made with these ingredients helps in skin regeneration and may greatly aid your skin in maintaining its supple glow.


No, they’re not just for pancakes!

This bee-favorite is the perfect cosmetic ingredient to boost skin hydration. Aside from its nourishing vitamins that keep your skin and lips moisturized, honey also has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

If your skin is prone to breakouts or acne, consult with your doctor and consider incorporating honey-based makeup products into your routine.

Plant and Flower Extracts

Some flowers are made into essential oils because of their soothing properties. They are comforting and they exude a pleasing aroma that relaxes our senses.

Flower extracts such as Lilium Candidum, Iris Ensata, Rose, Camelia, and Jasmine are some of the most sought-after natural makeup ingredients. Like the ingredients mentioned above in this post, these flower extracts are also rich in hydrating properties. When applied and infused in cosmetics, they reduce redness, oil, and wrinkles.

Bring Out Your Natural Glow with Makeup that Cares

Love makeup but wearing it all day tires your skin out? Go for cosmetics that are not just made to keep your looks on point on the outside, but also nourishes your skin from within! Be on the lookout for these natural ingredients at the back of your favorite makeup items for a healthier, more beautiful glow!

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