What Women Say:

“I'm in love!” -Beth

“I hear a lot that the liquid lipsticks are too drying, while that may be true, no lipstick is perfect! And if there is, let me know what it is!! Lol. (So far, tattoo tint is the best) This formula stays on all day for me, never transfers. I wear it to all my orthodontist appointments and it sits through the entire time!I'm in love!”


“Amazing and super long-lasting” -Kate

“It is one of my favorite lip makeup products. The special texture tattoo tint gives is amazing and super long-lasting; it is so distinctive from all the other lip stains/glosses. It gives a semimatte finish while not drying your lips. The color peak is so gorgeous that I can't even find a dupe among my lip makeup collection. If you don't want a glossy finish on your lips, def...”


“Great for everyday!” -Isa

“These lip colors are seriously everlasting and the pigment is AMAZING, tattoo tint looks beautiful on dark skin and nouveau is the perfect matte nude great for everyday. I'm just waiting for some new colors to arrive!”


Why Choose Long-Lasting?


Avoid Constant Reapplication

Whether it’s throughout your workday or on a date, the last thing you want to be doing is constantly having to reapply your shade. Long-lasting tint technology stays in place for hours, so you can live in the moment instead of the mirror.


Avoid Mishaps

With long-lasting tints that don’t easily brush away with food or drinks, you avoid splotchy lips, uneven color due to rubs, or “half-lips” from accidentally wiping away a portion of your color during the day (and not realizing it!). Tattoo tints are resilient, so you don’t lose your look.


Avoid Embarrassing Stains

You’re in a rush to change after applying your lipstick. You pull on a white shirt and fly out the door … only to notice your lip color has smeared smack dab in the middle of your top. Yikes. Tattoo Tints stay in place so you don’t have to worry about walking around with a “lipccadent.”


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