Easy Face Exercises At Home - Quarantine Style!

Staying at home shouldn't be so boring... What if we tell you that you could do face-lifting, slimming and even toning your cheeks in this crazy pandemic at the comfort of your mi casa? You heard us right! No need to go under the knife or spend thousands on it.  Here are some yoga face techniques promoted by spas, gyms and renowned skincare brands that you can do any time, anywhere.  

Let's start...

 First, Warm-it-up-buttercup! Try and relax your face muscles by blowing air out of your lips and cheeks as well. 


Your lip muscle is a "core" muscle to your face, by relaxing them, other muscles are relaxed too. 



Second, loose that awful second chin. To kickoff, keep your shoulders down and relax your muscles. Lean your chin up until you feel a fine stretch in the upper neck and chin area. Make a duck lips position, stick out your tongue, hold that pose for 5 seconds each, and repeat it three times.  



Good tip - "If you don't feel exhausted, you're not doing it right dear, just saying."

Third, fight those ugly wrinkles... ugh. Keep your shoulders down and relax your muscles once again to release pressure. Point your chin down to your chest and make an oval shape with your mouth. Look upward with just the eyes simultaneously. Don't make unnecessary movements so you will feel a fine stretch underneath the eyes. 


Warning.. do it only once a day. Too much stretching can cause discomfort and injury on your face muscles. 

And lastly, hold that saggy cheeks. We get it, loose cheeks can make us feel old and sad... To prevent those saggy cheeks, we must do these - Pull everything to one side; imagine your right teeth all pulled to the left side of your mouth; count to 10 to effectively exercise the muscles and to give more elasticity to our face. 



For best results, do it three or five times a day.

So you see, staying at home can be a good thing. Stay pretty and safe. After all, the sun shines not on us, but in us. Happy reading!

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